WSIB rejects Muskoka man’s efforts to exchange opioids for cannabis

Norm Miller’s office advocating to help local man get off opioids with appeal to Ministry of Labour

Al wants to get off opioids.

He has been dealing with pain management for 20 years since he suffered a serious work-related accident 20 years ago.

He was making a delivery when he was knocked off a load of lumber and struck both legs on the edge of a trailer before hitting the ground, where he was struck by a tow motor.

“It created a lot of problems in my life and a lot of pain,” he said.

Over the years he has had eight surgeries and deals with pain throughout his entire body including his legs, shoulder, and neck. He is most comfortable standing or lying prone. Work, he says, is out of the question. Something as simple as running the snowblower over the driveway will leave him bedridden for two days. His pain in continuous.

“It feels like somebody’s got a knife continuously in my ear,” he said.

Mary Beth Hartill Bracebridge Examiner

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