Why is Pink Kush by San Rafael ’71 so popular? Its distinct, complex flavour and powerful effects

“Dip your toe in the water of some of the more aggressive tastes cannabis has to offer,” writes reviewer Brad Martin

Pink Kush was already a favourite for its sedative and body-relaxing effects before legalization in Canada. Now, you can buy the strain from a list of regulated cannabis producers such as Grail, Canna Farms (which won and was nominated for multiple Canadian Cannabis Awards) and Flowr.

But according to reviewers and retailers, San Rafael ’71’s version of the indica-dominant cultivar stands above the rest, making it one of the most popular products on store shelves. That’s why I wanted to see it up close and personal. What makes Pink Kush by San Rafael ’71 so beloved among Canadians?

The look and feel
We’re not off to a great start with fairly bad-looking buds. I imagine these flowers looked nice while growing, but the product that arrived has lacklustre looks. Perhaps those willing to take a look up close will see the subtle violets and jagged peaks that crest the top of some of the larger buds. Otherwise it’s easy to discard as a collection of smaller lowers and prominent stems.

By Brad Martin The Growth Op
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