White Russian by Indiva

The White Russian strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid with low levels of CBD and average THC.


White Russian is a cross between the sativa-dominant AK-47 and the sativa White Widow (known for its potency). This strain will give you an incredible head high that many describe as “euphoric”. With a high THC composition of between 20 and 25%, smoking this is sure to leave you feeling relaxed.

Growth Info

White Russian buds are normally small-medium in size with a fluffy and loose leafy structure. The buds are a pale green with an earthy smell. If cured properly, the bud should reveal a citrus-like scent which should then turn slightly spicy during inhalation. Many have described the smoke as being quite harsh due to the spice like taste.

Plants of the White Russian strain are very user-friendly and are recommended for inexperienced growers. The strain has great genetics and is more resistant to tough growing conditions, therefore it doesn’t need as much maintenance as a lot of other strains. However, White Russian does require warm temperatures and a direct (but not overpowering) source of sunlight for it to grow properly. These plants are known to be short as they hardly ever reach a height of over 4ft when grown indoors. When grown indoors, plants should reach flower within 9 weeks. For outdoor growers, this plant will be ready to harvest by mid to late October.

How will it make me feel?

There’s a reason the White Russian strain is so popular- it feels great! You’ll feel the effects almost immediately. Typically, you’ll feel a tightening sensation around your temples. Within 5-10 minutes after inhalation, users have described being able to function with more clarity and energy. Much like its parent strain the White Widow, the White Russian produces a strong cerebral high which is linked to problem solving and creativity. This strain is effective in treating anxiety and depression as it creates a sense of euphoria and happiness.

Since this strain is more likely to create a sense of alertness and clarity, it is best enjoyed during the day.

If you are looking for a great head-high and are interested in trying a new hybrid strain, White Russian is highly recommended for all cannabis users!

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