Where to buy some of the most-searched strains in Canada

These stalwarts are in high-demand across the country!

Canadians can buy more types of cannabis — or strains, as they’re more commonly known — than ever before.

But what’s in a strain name? Previously, the unregulated market provided the illusion of choice and variety, but it was difficult to know if the name on the jar was actually linked to any consistent genetic profile of a “cultivar” (the weed nerd word for strain).

Banana Split

This indica-dominant hybrid strain with medium THC potency by DNA Genetics combines Tangie and Banana Sherbert to create what “should be sparkly, crystally, citrusy, and it should have a tropical hint to it,” according to Lake City Cannabis director Ryan Roch. Leafly reviewers give Aurora’s phenotype a solid three stars, while Lift.co reviewers are a little more generous at 3.5 stars out of five.


Some cannabis connoisseurs insist they smell blueberry flavours on this popular, near-legendary status indica cannabis strain. It won big in 2000 in the Best Indica category at the High Times Cannabis Cup, and it tends to pack a potent THC punch.

“I feel like I’m wearing a hat. But I’m definitely not wearing a hat,” writes one reviewer on Leafly.

By Skyler Ash – THE GrowthOP
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