When dogs get high: Is cannabis dangerous for canines?

Emma Alter realized something was wrong with her King Charles spaniel Maggie when she turned down a cookie.

They’d gone to the dog park in Toronto where Alter, 31, can only assume Maggie got into something she shouldn’t have. Two to three hours after the walk, the dog had rejected the treat, could barely stand up and was swaying with a “weird head bobble.” Alter rushed to an emergency veterinary clinic.

“The vet said it was all the symptoms of weed poisoning,” she recalled to CTVNews.ca in November.

After $2,500 in medication and treatment over three days at the clinic, Maggie was fine, said Alter. But after that, Maggie was kept on a tighter leash in public parks, and even wore a mesh mask for a short time.

The brief scare is increasingly common at vet clinics, according to experts, and with the recent legalization of cannabis edibles which will likely include enticing candy products, there is concern the incidents could become even more common.

“We have seen a precipitous increase,” said Ian Sandler, a member of the National Issues Committee at the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, in an interview with CTVNews.ca. “It’s going to go up even more.”

by Jonathan Forani
CTVNews.ca Writer
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