What I learned attending a cannabis and sex workshop

How to include cannabis in your sexual and sensual experiences

In Seattle, Babeland, a woman-founded adult entertainment store, educates people about how cannabis can enhance their sex life.

Following are some pointers I gleaned from a cannabis and sex workshop I recently attended at the store about how to include cannabis in your sexual and sensual experiences.

Preparation for Using Cannabis During Sex

Before adding cannabis to your sex life, have a conversation outside of the bedroom. Go on a casual date for a chat regarding the expectations of sex and cannabis when all parties are sober. Try any cannabis products you’d like to use in the bedroom by yourself so you can see how you react before you enjoy cannabis with a partner.

For most people, a very high THC strain tends to make them too sleepy to be sexy, while a high CBD strain doesn’t elevate their mood. A 50/50 hybrid can work as a great combination to help put one in a sexy space without going to sleep.

By Becky Garrison, The Fresh Toast
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