How to put out a great weed board for your next party

It’s your party—get high if you want to.

No more rolling joints in the bathroom or sneaking to the backyard for a sly puff—now that cannabis is legal in Canada, you can go ahead and share it with the same care and attention you’d give to a cheeseboard, a charcuterie platter, or a selection of spirits. Call it what you want: a rolling station, a cannabis cabana, or first stop on the fun train, but a weed board is exactly what you think it is—a selection of cannabis products presented for sharing.

Below you’ll find suggestions for tailoring your weed board to different types of parties, but first, some general advice:

Variety is key
The same strategy that makes for a stellar cheeseboard or a bang-up cocktail bar apply here—offer a variety of options so guests can choose their own adventures according to preference, tolerance, and intention.

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by Devon Scoble Leafly

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