To get around the rules, this gallery will ‘gift’ you marijuana — if you pay for a painting by a dog

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and art has whatever value a buyer thinks it has. So, if you’re a weed lover whose taste runs to the ruff, yet inspired, a Washington, D.C. art gallery may have just what you need.

A resident artist at the District Derp gallery, Sudo the dog, has become the perfect foil for navigating cannabis laws in the capital city. If you purchase a Sudo original, you’ll receive a special “gift.” The gallery’s options range from a $55 painting with a 3.5-gram gift to a $330 painting with a 1-ounce gift.

While marijuana has been legal there since 2015, sales are restricted because of budgeting rules, according to Business Insider. The federal government, which has not legalized weed, weighs in on Washington’s budget, thereby making allocating funds for cannabis-related expenditures difficult.

by: Angela Stelmakowich

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