‘There are different rules for medical patients’: Regina woman says she was wrongfully charged for possession of medicinal cannabis

REGINA — Regina police searched four “unlicensed cannabis dispensaries” this week, and one of the people involved thinks the subsequent charge against her may be erroneous.

Kelly Csada is the owner of Kelz, a business that provides education on “cannabis-based alternatives” to treat various medical conditions. The business’ website advertises selling flower strains and edibles.

“We help them figure out, okay they’ve got these capsules out there, or this oil, or a CBD, or maybe even what flower can help them with their specific ailment,” Csada said.

Csada was charged with possession of illicit cannabis. She says the reason for the charge was a piece of cannabis infused chocolate she uses to treat Crohn’s disease.

READ MORE HERE: regina.ctvnews.ca/there-are-different-rules-for-medical-patients-regina-woman-says-she-was-wrongfully-charged-for-possession-of-medicinal-cannabis-1.4610649
by: Michaela Solomon, Digital Content Producer, CTV News Regina

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