“The law is broken”: Wasaga man wants stronger rules for medical pot growers

For the last year, Stephen Bennett has been keeping a watchful eye over a medical cannabis grow-op next door to his home.

What his neighbours in this upscale Wasaga Beach neighbourhood are doing is legal. While the law only allows for four plants to be grown on a property for recreational use, a person growing under Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations could theoretically grow an unlimited number.

The determining factor is how many grams per day are prescribed by a physician, and approved by Health Canada. One website touting the ability to refer a patient to a “compassionate” physician for a prescription suggested an application to Health Canada for 95 grams a day would likely be approved.

That would allow a licensee to grow more than 440 plants indoors — and the rules permit up to four registrations at the same location.

by Ian Adams Wasaga Sun
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