The Cost of Legal Edibles Is Too Damn High to Get High

One of the drinks costs $15 and a chocolate bar is as much as $12, both of which contain a relatively low dose of THC.

Would you spend $15 on a beer? Unless you’re some kind of beer aficionado, probably not.

But you’ll have to drop that much to purchase some of the new cannabis drinks hitting the market in Canada.

Legal weed edibles started to hit shelves in late December, and still aren’t widely available across the country.

VICE sourced prices of the various new edibles in B.C., Newfoundland, and New Brunswick, and found that those that are on sale aren’t cheap, especially when you consider that most contain a low dose of THC. (Keep in mind, the same products can vary in price between provinces and individual retailers.

One of the priciest products, about to go on sale in Newfoundland, is Tweed’s distilled cannabis drinks, which cost $15 for one 150-millilitre bottle (plus $9 shipping if you order online!)

By Manisha Krishnan Vice News
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