The best cannabis strains for cooking according to Canadian chefs

There’s no shortage of cannabis recipes and cookbooks. The internet is full of ideas that’ll inspire you to dust off that mixer, roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty making some weed-infused eats.

And whether you’re still trying to master the basics like weed butter and canna cooking oil, or have moved on to more complicated recipes that call for ingredients like homemade canna flour, there are step-by-step tutorials for every level of at-home chef.

You may notice, however, that rarely do these recipes recommend which strains to use. So, to better understand the best types of bud to use for weed-infused food, we asked Canada’s favourite cannabis chefs (all of them winners in Leafly’s Readers’ Choice Awards) to share their favourite strains to bring into the kitchen.

There are two schools of thought:

Chefs who prefer a specific strain and Chefs who’ll cook with any strain.

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by Lisa Felepchuk – Leafly

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