Taste test: Should your guests taste that you’re cooking with cannabis?

It’s up to the chef to embrace or conceal cannabis flavour

Looking to add that special green ingredient to a home-cooked meal for friends? Perhaps your buddies are comfortable bud consumers, so no issues there. But what do you need to know about cooking with cannabis and what that means for taste?

The GrowthOp asked two Ontario chefs with a passion for cannabis cuisine for their best tips to make your next dinner party a smash: Jeff Kaminskas, a Toronto chef who has cooked with cannabis for decades and recently transitioned from food to craft vodka at Viritus Organics, and Reena Rampersad, a Hamilton, Ont.-based chef and owner of High Society Supper Club, a catering company that helps host upscale dinners and events for foodies who fancy a dash (or more) of cannabis in their cuisine.

Kaminskas and Rampersad wholeheartedly agree on a couple of critical points: There are multiple ways to work with cannabis flavours, and which ones yield the most delicious result is mostly up to the chef.

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By Emma Spears August 29, 2019

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