Statistics Canada releases a bong full of new cannabis data

Men consume cannabis more than women; 42 per cent of cannabis consumers still buy at least some from the black market.

Statistics Canada released a whack of statistics this week that shed some insight into the almost five million Canadians who consumed cannabis during the first half of 2019.

Among the findings were that more men consume cannabis than do women, and that men consume cannabis more frequently than women. Men also consume cannabis for non-medical reasons than do women.

The stats were all part of Statistics Canada’s National Cannabis Survey (NCS), which continued to show that males and females older than age 15 differ in how they obtain and consume cannabis products.

Females, for example, more often reported getting cannabis from family and friends than their male counterparts. That may explain why fewer females said they paid for the cannabis they consume. The study didn’t go into how many people stole cannabis, although it noted that four per cent got their cannabis in an unspecified way.


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