Skip the Dishes, for weed: Manitoba’s rules pave way for private delivery of legal pot

New app Super Anytime to debut in Winnipeg, will join Pineapple Express in offering same-day cannabis delivery

Founders of a new cannabis delivery service set to launch in Winnipeg say they plan to use the Manitoba market as a test case for possible Canadian expansion, thanks to provincial laws that are comparatively friendly to online retailers.

“[We’re] looking at it as the first kind of domino,” said Ian Delves, president and co-founder of Super Anytime, a soon-to-launch cannabis delivery service that operates in a way similar to Skip the Dishes or Uber Eats — but delivering pot rather than food.

The same-day service is set to make its debut in mid- to late November in Winnipeg, Delves said. It’s one of the few spots in Canada a business like Super can operate, thanks to laws in the province that allow private retailers to oversee their own online shopping.

In many other provinces, only government-run stores can sell cannabis online.

“Manitoba is the first one to open up and kind of accept this as something that is legal and within the framework of … regulations today,” said Michael Kniazeff, the other co-founder and CEO of Super Anytime.

by Aidan Geary · CBC News
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