Should you choose indoor- or outdoor-grown cannabis?

In terms of potency, there doesn’t appear to be a sizable difference in the THC and CBD levels between ins and outs.

When recreational cannabis consumers in the U.S. examine the array of flower available at their local dispensary, they’ll notice that cannabis buds may have the same strain name and potency, but they look and smell differently. So how do they know which ones to buy?

Outdoor-grown cannabis (outs) tends to have a more weathered look as these plants have had to deal with the elements, including wind, rain, bugs and sunlight, not to mention squirrels, deer and other animal that enjoy munching on these plants.

As a general rule of thumb, cannabis grown outdoors tends to feel lighter and look darker than its indoor-grown cannabis (ins). Because of these factors, outs will not have the same strong pungent smell and dank as the ins. Cannabis consumers who place a high value on strong-smelling, sticky beautiful-looking buds will probably prefer indoor-grown cannabis.

By Becky Garrison, The Fresh Toast

Photo by Richard T on Unsplash

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