Rise by Tokyo Smoke

Rise by Tokyo Smoke is a sativa-dominant strain with the potential for a high THC potency-there is little to no CBD content.


Rise is known for its wonderful smell filled with herbaceous notes of pine and citrus that is derived from its main terpenes, Limonene and Linalool. This strain can reach a THC potency of 15-20%.

Growth Info

This strain is grown by the Toronto-native company Tokyo Smoke in a hybrid greenhouse. It is auto-trimmed, manually groomed, and then dried using the rack and tray method. Its dried flower is compact and medium in size. It stands out due to its fuzzy orange leaves contrasting on the pale green bud.

How will it make me feel?

Since this strain is sativa-dominant, you are definitely going to get a head-high. Users have described its effects to be enhancing but not overpowering, with the most common effect being an immediate sense of calmness. This strain should make you feel more productive and creative and shouldn’t make you feel sleepy at all. It is best used during the day but can also be used at nighttime to help relieve anxiety during social situations. It isn’t recommended to use as a sleep aid due its strong cerebral high effects.

Known to “lighten the mood”, Rise by Tokyo Smoke is a great strain to try if you would like to relieve anxiety or stress. Whether you are looking to have some good times with friends or watch a funny movie by yourself, this strain is going to produce a calming, clear-minded, and happy effect.

Rise is available from $10.56 / gram on the OCS website, or may be found at recreational cannabis dispensaries near you.

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