RIDE or die: Ontario Police charge, fine drivers for improperly storing cannabis in their vehicle

“Just put it in the trunk and erase that suspicion and you will be fine”

It’s going to be a busy season for the RIDE program.

Police in Ontario are ramping up Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere checks as the holiday season approaches and drivers get a little too joyful behind the wheel of their cars. Officers in search of drivers under the influence of alcohol or cannabis said the infractions came fast and furious after they set up near Peterborough on Tuesday.

“Three drivers were charged with having cannabis readily available within 45 minutes of that RIDE check starting,” Const. Joe Ayotte with the Peterborough County OPP, told Global News.

The drivers were all issued a $215 fine and had their marijuana seized under the Cannabis Control Act. Police say they have charged 40 people with the offence this year for improperly storing the drug in their cars. The rules for transporting cannabis are similar to those for alcohol, police said, meaning any cannabis must be store-sealed and not easily available to anyone in the car. Storing your supply in the trunk is the best way to allay police concerns of impaired driving.

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By David Yasvinski – The Growth Op.

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