Pot store to distribute free toilet paper

Eugene Konarev, manager and brand creator of Highlife, stands inside the cannabis retail outlet on Marcus Drive. JOHN LAPPA/SUDBURY STAR
A local (Sudbury) retailer known for rolling papers and THC is now poised to hand out rolls of TP.

Highlife manager Eugene Konarev said a big load of the coveted hygiene item is on its way to the Marcus Drive pot outlet and staff will distribute it gratis Wednesday to Sudburians who have been unable to find the tissue elsewhere.

“We didn’t really plan to do this but our staff were reaching out and saying it was very difficult to locate toilet paper in Sudbury at this point,” he said.

Initially Highlife was hoping to find enough TP to simply meet the needs of its workers, although even that amount was difficult to immediately secure.

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By Jim Moodie – The Sudbury Star

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