Pot Shots: Cannabis edibles are now legal. But how do they taste?

Are edibles the game changer some think they will be?


They’re chewy! They’re cute as your sister’s kid and as colourful as Christmas! Plus, they pack a THC-infused punch. What’s not to love? A lot. Sold in California, where cannabis edibles are legally available, Stoney Patch gummies are likely in breach of state laws stipulating that cannabis products cannot be appealing to kids. And since they look similar to Mondelēz International’s popular Sour Patch Kids candies (right down to the derivative, knock-off packaging), no wonder they’re also the focus of a copyright infringement lawsuit.

For Mondelēz, edible cannabis has been an ironically sour experience. More irony: the U.S. company, which counts Oreo, Toblerone and Trident among its brands, has reportedly been making noise about entering the edibles market itself. It wouldn’t be alone. As promised, legislation allowing the sale of cannabis edibles in Canada took effect on October 17, exactly a year after legalization of recreational use. (Products won’t show up in stores until December at the earliest, however.) Many Canadian companies have, um, high hopes for this new breed of products. But are edibles the game changer that some think they’ll be?

By Guy Saddy – BC Business
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