POT HOLE: Trudeau government gives $100,000 to pot store with one employee

The Trudeau government subsidized a private cannabis store with $100,000 of taxpayer money in Carmacks, Yukon, that only has one employee.

Carmacks is a remote Aboriginal community and the decision is an effort to “benefit Aboriginal people” with the promise of one job being created. A subsidy of $100,000 was given to bankroll the the facility although some residents are frustrated as it is located two hundred metres from the local kindergarten, according to Ottawa news outlet Blacklock’s Reporter.

The Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency defended their actions in a statement, “The fund is also intended to provide project-based support for activities that help to establish or grow Aboriginal businesses.” The statement went on to read, “It helps applicants pursue economic opportunities that benefit Aboriginal people,”

By: Quinn Patrick The Post Millennial
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