Police Find Insufficient Evidence of Impairment for Cannabis-Possessing Driver

Members of the Weyburn Police Service pulled over a vehicle on Friday, May 8th, after the Automatic License Plate Reader flagged its license plate as being expired.

The driver showed signs of impairment by drugs, but there was insufficient evidence to press charges, even after a Drug Recognition Evaluator had completed an examination.

“They put them through usually a battery of tests, and, at the end of the day, if there’s insufficient evidence that the individual is impaired by the drugs, then we don’t lay the charge and we don’t arrest on that ground,” explained Weyburn’s Chief of Police, Jamie Blunden. “So they’ve got a system that they go through, so there should have been enough evidence that the individual was charged, but in this case, there wasn’t.”

The driver was, however, ticketed for possessing cannabis in a vehicle.

By Marna McManus DiscoverWeyburn.com
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