Ontario Cannabis Stores Are Reducing Their Prices To Compete With Illegal Pot Shops

It may no longer be expensive to go the legal route. Ontario Cannabis Store (OSC) has finally decided to reduce the price of 50 different marijuana products. The retail company said during a press conference on Friday, January 3, 2020, that it now has a gram of weed available for $5.

The OSC is selling their “Original Stash” strand for this price. “A medium THC potency Indica that delivers a fruity, earthy profile. Naturally, sun-grown in hybrid greenhouses,” a description of the product reads.

To put it in context, post-legalization, Ontarians were paying $8.05 per gram, an 8% increase from the $7.42 pre-legalization. So, $5 is actually quite the steal for legal weed buyers.

CTV reported that the decision to reduce prices was made in an effort to fight back against the flourishing illegal market.

It was also announced that several edible cannabis products would be available in stores next week.

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by Patrick John Gilson – Narcity.

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