One of two raided Kamloops cannabis retailers closed, one still operating

KAMLOOPS — On July 31, two unlicensed cannabis retailers were raided by the Community Safety Unit, and an undetermined amount product was seized. The CSU is the province’s enforcement arm when it comes to dealing with illegal cannabis sales.

Since that raid, one of the two cannabis retailers has closed down. The Canadian Safe Cannabis Society which was located at 405 Tranquille Road, has now closed it’s doors for the time being.

The other business where a seizure took place was Boomer’s Bud, located near the corner of 12th Street and Halston Avenue. That business continues to operate.

“Obviously the impact of [CSU] seizing the product and the potential fine that’s coming up has sent the message loud and clear,” City of Kamloops Business License Inspector Dave Jones told CFJC Today. “Unfortunately, Boomer’s Bud over on 12th Street remains open. However, it’s my understanding there’s some conversation with the ownership group as to whether they’re going to stay open or not.”

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