Nova Scotia woman to challenge roadside cannabis testing laws

Michelle Gray, Halifax resident and medical cannabis user, had her license suspended after her saliva tested positive for cannabis in January. Her lawyer, Jack Lloyd, has confirmed that his law firm plans to initiate a constitutional challenge of Canada’s new impaired driving laws based on this case.

According to Gray, she was stopped at a roadside check while driving from downtown Halifax to her house in Middle Sackville. The police officer she interacted with said he could detect the smell of cannabis coming from her car, and Gray explained to him that she used medical cannabis to treat her MS.

She passed the roadside alcohol test, but the drug test revealed trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main active ingredient found in cannabis, in her saliva. Gray was then arrested and taken to police headquarters, where she was required to undergo a Drug Recognition Expert Evaluation, including memory and balance tests.



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