Niagara politicians stuck with a stinky problem: cannabis smell

“We want everyone to be good neighbours. It’s not about singling an industry out because you don’t like it. It’s a legal business and it’s not going anywhere”

Mayors and representatives in the Niagara area are hoping to find a solution for the smell of cannabis wafting over the region.

Reps have been fielding a glut of complaints and concerns from residents since legalization came into force and cannabis production exploded.

Samuel Bouabane, a consultant from Cannabis Compliance Inc., gave a presentation to local politicians about concerns and limitations of licensed producers and their neighbours, members of Niagara’s planning and development services committee voted to put together a workshop to pinpoint and clarify the region’s bylaws and zoning regulations in order to more effectively address residents’ worries.

“We’re all kind of dealing with it in silos at the moment,” committee chair and Pelham councillor Diana Huson, who introduced the motion, told St. Catharines Standard.

“It’s not a very effective way to obtain change or action on anything.”

By Emma Spears  London Free Press

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