Manitobans may be a step closer to growing marijuana plants

Manitobans may be a step closer to growing their own recreational marijuana plants.

A Quebec court ruled Tuesday a ban on possessing and growing pot plants for personal use is unconstitutional because Quebec’s legislation infringed on the jurisdiction of the federal government, which has sole responsibility on criminal matters.

The decision means it’s now legal to grow cannabis plants at home in Quebec, and the ruling could open the door for the law to change in Manitoba as well.

Jamie Jurczak is a partner at Taylor McCaffrey in Winnipeg, and has been following legal changes around cannabis legislation.

“Someone might say the door is open in the sense that now someone in Manitoba has seen it happen in Quebec, maybe somebody is more willing to give it a shot here, might be more willing to say ‘I’m willing to challenge it because there is a precedent in another jurisdictions that I could currently rely upon in my arguments’,” Jurczak said.

However, she cautioned the change could take months, possibly years.

by Beth Macdonell
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