Looking to buy high-quality cannabis? Here’s what to keep any eye out for

There’s more to weed than the strain and THC content.

Smoking weed and having fun is easy. It’s only once you get to know the plant and have had different experiences with it that you start to grow interested in the details and how it can produce different effects. Although not always top of mind, there’s more to weed than the strain and THC content.

Buying marijuana can be an intimidating experience if you don’t have the right knowledge, but there are ways to make more informed purchases.

Use your senses
High-quality flower, no matter what it’s made of, should have a strong and pleasant smell. The buds should also look fresh and healthy, with the best products showing off different kinds of colours. The feel of the bud should be spongy, with stems that snap when cracked and that don’t crumble when touched. Something that might be easier to notice is low-quality flower, which shouldn’t look as bright and might have brown spots. Poor-quality flower shouldn’t smell as ripe and might feel dusty or almost wet to the touch.

By Maria Loreto, The Fresh Toast
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