Long-serving Tory MP says Scheer dropped him from critic role over pro-cannabis position

Scott Reid, an Ottawa-area and long-serving Conservative MP says that under outgoing leader Andrew Scheer he was “sacked” from his role as critic for democratic institutions after breaking ranks and voting in favour of cannabis legalization.

In a blog post sharing his ideas for the future of the party given the upcoming leadership contest, Reid also opens up about his 2018 experience of being ousted as the Conservatives’ leading voice on democratic reforms, in making his case for why he thinks the party has become too “dictatorial” when it comes to centralized caucus discipline.

Reid says that he was removed by Scheer from his role as critic for democratic institutions in the Conservative “shadow cabinet”— the roster of critics for the various ministerial files — two months after he voted in favour of the Liberal’s marijuana legalization legislation, Bill C-45 in November 2017.

by Rachel Aiello CTV NEWS
Ottawa News Bureau Online Producer
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