Lola Montes Strain by Edison

Lola Montes by Edison

Lola Montes Strain

Lola Montes is an indica-dominant strain. The plant originated from Edison and is famous for the different components that make it hit home in a matter of minutes. Aside from serving a recreational purpose, it can also be used for medical purposes, if need be.

Ideally, marijuana lovers want something that would help them get high without much hassle. Lola Montes does that without much ado. For instance, it has an extreme THC potency that can meet the demands of the consumers. On the other hand, it has different components like humulene and myrcene, which highlight the terpene profile.

Lola Montes is from Edison. It is a member of the indica family, which is one of the types of strains famous for their significant THC and CBD components. Besides, it has a high THC potency that supersedes that of conventional indica-dominant strains.

Undoubtedly, you would expect your strains to be good-looking just as their components are thrilling. The Lola Montes strain scales through that, as it produces flowers with a tight, dense structure. Also, the appearance is dotted by a two-tone emerald hue.

Description and Qualities
Just as you expect the strain to hit you in a short while, you may also be expecting it to have additional qualities. Besides, it wouldn’t hurt to discover the components that help it to provide those qualities.

First, the terpene profile of the strain has many properties, including humulene, guaiol, beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, and bisabolol.

Second and most important, the Organigram products come with the Integra Boost technology that helps in the preservation and retention of the humidity levels of the plant. That way, the strain would last longer, pending the last consumption or use.

Effects and Attributes
While considering the choice of the Lola Montes strain, you also need to look at the effects and attributes it has to offer.
Now, we’ll look at the THC and CBD contents of the plant. First, the THC content, which is the active component in cannabis, is responsible for triggering intoxicating effects, such as mobility and changes in perception. Hence, users should be confident of getting a THC content of up to 21% on the Lola Montes strain.

On the other hand, it has a CBD component, which is the active but non-intoxicating component in cannabis plants. The Lola Montes strain has a CBD component of up to 1%.

Final Words
If you’re a marijuana lover and looking for the next strain to switch to, you can be sure that the Lola Montes strain has all the components you need. So, head over to your favorite dispensary to get one for your recreational and medical use.

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