Like a sommelier of cannabis, a budtender is a trained weed expert

Being a cannabis consumer is helpful, but the professionals don’t work impaired.

Grant Sanderson teaches cannabis enthusiasts how to sell legal weed.

The regional manager, cannabis division, of Alcanna, which runs the Nova Cannabis chain of legal dispensaries in Ontario and Alberta, explains regulatory compliance, methods of consumption and the lineage of more than 50 different strains. He’s being doing this since June, and more than 200 people have graduated from his four-day program to become legal dealers or “budtenders.”

He’s never had to kick anyone out of class for being stoned.

“If people want to consume cannabis outside of operational hours, that’s up to them,” says Sanderson, who has a background in hospitality and a business degree from the University of Alberta. “But these are professional training seminars and you can’t work impaired.”

The drop-out rate is also very low. “When we hire someone in retail cannabis, it turns out they’re very engaged.”

By Ben Kaplan – The GrowthOp

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