Is the new “Dry January” a high January?

“If you’re drinking [a cannabis beer], you’re going to be more accepted as one of the people partying,” says one teetotaler

When William Wilson goes to a bar these days, he steels himself for the stigma and social pressures he nearly always faces when he orders a Coke instead of a beer. In the past, through eight years working as a sales rep for three Ontario craft breweries, Wilson was usually the last to leave a bar or party. But he decided to stop drinking nearly two years ago after he says excessive drinking nearly destroyed his life.

“I’ll order a Coke, but I can see the way some people view it: Like, ‘Oh, I have to be careful because Will is sober and he might be offended or not understand what I’m talking about.’ Or some friends are like, ‘C’mon you can have one drink… c’mon.’”

Instead, the Torontonian uses cannabis a couple of times each week, especially when he’s socializing. But popping a gummy bear or going out to smoke a joint isn’t a sign of visible participation.

By Crystal Luxmore The Growth Op

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