International buzz being created by homegrown cannabis concentrate company

Some of what we make in Barrie is sold to other countries, Germany being one,’ says president

Since the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada two years ago, few businesses have pushed to become a global brand as much as one that calls Barrie home.

MediPharm Labs has been growing since its founding in 2015 and has been a big part of the change in the cannabis industry, president Keith Strachan said in an interview with BarrieToday.

Strachan says he has seen a change in the business in just a short time of its existence.

“There is far less stigma associated with the business than when we started,” he said. “I rarely encounter people or situations that overthink the business. Especially in Canada and here in Barrie, we have progressed very well.”

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By Shawn Gibson Barrie Today

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