How to smoke Cannabis!

Various methods of smoking weed, which is best from a user perspective.

There are many different devices which can be used to smoke weed, often users will swear by certain methods and be loath to try others if they can avoid it. Which is the best method? this probably depends on the type of user you are as each have pros and cons.

The classic joint is perfect for the on the go smoker and the aficionado, for those who really like to taste the weed they are smoking and savour it, or who are going on a nice nature walk or to a festival. There is a casual and classic romantic appeal to the joint as a part of weed culture. It is also the cheapest to buy as the price of rolling papers are very low. The set backs are that it is a bit more expensive (takes a bit more weed) to roll a joint then to say, pack a bowl, so it doesn’t give you the most bang for your buck in the long run, and it can be rather harsh to the less experienced smoker. You also must know how to roll a joint which takes some practice.

The dry pipe shares many similarities with the joint regarding taste and on the go mobility without requiring too much in the way of weed usage, and you don’t have to burn or roll any paper. It is probably the simplest and most wide spread of all the methods, and cheap depending on the pipe you are using. There is also the added artistic quality associated with pipe designs.

One of the least flavourful and mobile, but one of the most efficient ways to smoke is through the gravity bong. It doesn’t take much weed to feel very strong effects but is incredibly harsh, more fitted to stingy regular users then someone trying to enjoy the experience.

The water bong is the smoothest method of smoking bar none, and the flavour can be changed with additives available at most bong stores. It is the most customizable of all the methods, and doesn’t necessarily take too much weed, but can be a messy and expensive endeavor depending on the equipment one is using. They are liable to breaking depending on the material It is made of and setting of its use and are not generally very mobile. Design and artistic appeal is often emphasized in bongs. Water bongs are good for the regular user at home, and someone who wants the try weed in the least harsh manner possible.

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