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Here are 7 Canadian Cannabis accessories companies to check out in 2020.


1. Cannabis Accessories Company- Cheech Glass

Cheech Glass is a Canadian cannabis accessories company that sells anything from bongs, to zongs, pipes, dab rigs, bubblers, grinders and more! Cheech Glass was founded back in 2010 in Toronto by a man who desired to create high-quality glassware with innovative designs, that could be purchased at fair prices by the everyday consumer. The founder has the nickname “Cheech” which is fitting as he shares the same passion for cannabis as Cheech Martin – the famous stoner comedian. Cheech Glass is even licensed by the legendary man himself.

The popularity of Cheech Glass grew due to the impressive quality of the products, as well as the reasonable prices. Cheech Glass has the largest glass collection in the industry. Cheech Glass is the fastest growing glass brand in Canada, and they have hundreds of distributors across the nation and internationally too!

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By CARLIE BEBLI – Cannabis Life Network

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