Heavy Metals Found in 90 Percent of Tested Rolling Papers, Californian Study Finds

A new investigation of cannabis rolling papers available in California has found traces of heavy metals in 90 percent of products.

Carried out by the Californian branch of SC Labs, the investigation also found detectable amounts of pesticides in 16 percent of the samples, and five percent registered over the allowable action limits.

The extent of the contamination
SC Labs initiated the tests after one customer reportedly received pesticide traces in their finished products. Shortly after, a second customer reported a similar issue.

Both complaints were made despite the cannabis having previously passed a pesticide screening test.

“We had this cluster of customers that were batch testing pre-rolled joints and failed compliance testing for chlorpyrifos,” Josh Wurzer, president and co-founder of SC Labs, told Analytical Cannabis.

“All of these customers had pre-tested their plant material and it came up totally clean for all pesticides before rolling them into the joints and submitting them for this batch testing. So, obviously, everyone was a bit surprised and curious as to where the contamination came from.

by Alexander Beadle – Analytical Cannabis

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