Happy ending for dog that ingested dangerous amount of cannabis, SPCA says

When an 11-week-old husky puppy was surrendered to the Vancouver SPCA in July, staff members noticed he was not acting like a normal energetic puppy.

“We rushed (the dog) to the vet and by the time we arrived, he was unconscious. A toxicity test revealed that Bear had high levels of THC in his little body,” SPCA Vancouver branch manager Jodi Dunlop said in a press release at the time.

“With recreational marijuana now legal in Canada, I think pet guardians need to be extremely careful.”

This puppy who was at the time named Bear received life-saving medical treatment and it took him several days to recover from the toxic levels of cannabis that had gone through his system, the SPCA wrote in a news release issued today, Dec. 29.

By Kathy Michaels Info News
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