Gatineau pot bust includes 100 bags of cannabis cotton candy

A police search of a home in Gatineau has resulted in the seizure of hundreds of cannabis edibles, including chocolate bars, fudge and cotton candy, say Gatineau police.

Police said investigators from its cannabis section searched a home on rue de Pointe-Gatineau on March 13 and sized a large quantity of products derived from cannabis, as well as cannabis.

The products seized included 8,002 grams of bulk cannabis; 176 grams of hashish; 595 grams of “wax”; 1,110 ml of cannabis oil; 103 vapers containing cannabis; 100 bags of cotton candy containing cannabis; 852 grams of gummies containing cannabis; 2,817 grams of candy containing cannabis; 56 chocolate bars containing cannabis; 2,500 grams of chocolate fudge containing cannabis; 166 sachets of powder containing cannabis; 1,770 ml of cannabidiol (CBD) products and 570 ml of body lubricant containing cannabis, as well as $5,278 in cash.

by: Joanne Laucius, Postmedia News
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