First Nation enters partnership to build cannabis growth operation

Chief Brady O’Watch from the Carry the Kettle Nakoda Nation stands in one of the currently-vacant buildings at the site of the former Indian Head Tree Nursery. (Cole Davenport/CTV News Regina)

Carry the Kettle Nakoda Nation is teaming up with British Columbia-based company Indigenous Bloom to create a new wholesale cannabis business on reserve land.

“Our objective is to work with First Nations in partnerships for the construction of growing operations and also seed-to-sale, so retail shops,” said Robert Louie, the executive chairman of Indigenous Bloom.

The First Nation plans to construct the facility at the site of the former Indian Head Tree Nursery. Carry the Kettle purchased the land and its existing facilities around two years ago, but it was designated as reserve land in December.

Chief Brady O’Watch told CTV News the available space in the existing buildings – around 350,000 square feet in total – created an economic opportunity his nation could not pass up.

“As a priority as a chief, you’re trying to look at ways you can help your nation succeed, not only in revenue wise but also jobs wise,” O’Watch said. “One of the main purposes of what we’re doing is to create economic prosperity for my nation and this was something that was long overdue and will be able to supply jobs to our people.”

Cole Davenport Video Journalist, CTV News Regina

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