Customers question quality, quantity at legal pot shops

Dozens of complaints have been logged with the federal government as people weigh their legal weed purchases, discovering discrepancies, according to a report in The Province newspaper.

A Gibsons man says he was ripped off to the tune of 18 per cent when his one-gram purchase measured at 0.83 grams on his home kitchen scale.

On social media and online weed directories, it doesn’t take long to find reviews that line up with that experience.

Customers complain in reviews for a licensed East Vancouver store, where they say the product is full of nasty stems and leaves — not an ideal quality.

While the staff are apparently friendly and the atmosphere inviting, the cannabis is weighing in lighter than expected

“Flower’s aren’t trimmed properly — lots of stem and leaves. The package contained 3.4 grams out of the 3.5… so I’m basically paying full price to be ripped off,” says one reviewer about their experience at a licensed store.


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