Couple trying to build micro cannabis cultivation facility facing opposition

‘I hope they don’t throw me out,’ pleads potential pot producer.

Efforts to set up an indoor cannabis-growing operation in Upper Coverdale is running into opposition from the neighbours.

And many of them showed up angry at a public meeting this week.

The person behind the project, Gina Brown of Anchor Cannabis, said the community is having a hard time accepting the project.

For the small-scale indoor operation, known in the business as micro-cultivation, to be approved, Brown’s property would need to be rezoned as commercial industrial

This led to Wednesday’s public meeting in the community about 17 kilometres west of Moncton.

But Brown said the questions and concerns raised at the meeting had less to do with industrial rezoning and more to do with concerns about cannabis in general.

“[They] wanted to know how exactly we were planning on growing and trimming and drying, you know questions that you know necessarily aren’t … needed for rezoning,” she said Thursday

By CBC News

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