Christian pastor has seen the light on CBD

Approach to moving CBD called a smart way to reach skeptical customers

The power of CBD has finally been revealed to Christian pastors and companies, some of whom are embracing the product that is believed to provide medical relief for everything from chronic pain to diabetes.

Adam Swanson, a pastor based in Murfreesboro, Tenn., said the idea to sell the drug came to him in a prayer after hearing about its healing powers. “So many people were telling me how this oil had been helping them,” Swanson said.

After doing some research, Swanson decided to start growing hemp on his family farm and launch his own line of CBD products named after, you guessed it, bible verses. One of the labels on his Gen1:29 products reads, “Every herb and fruit bearing seed I have given you for food, Love God!”—something Swanson hopes will prompt people to attend Sunday service.

Bby: DAVID YASVINSKI London Free Press
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