Using chives to keep spider mites away from your cannabis grow. 1 Great way!

Using chives to keep spider mites away from your cannabis grow
Using chives to keep spider mites away from your cannabis grow

Keeps spider mites away!

One of the biggest problems for cannabis (marijuana) growers can be spider mites, which if left unchecked can decimate an inside or outside grow. One of the things that growers can do organically to help keep spider mites away is to plant what are called “companion plants”. These plants grow alongside your cannabis and help repel certain pests such as the dreaded spider mite.

This is called companion planting and it is a very natural, pesticide free approach to helping keep your cannabis grow chemical free.  Anyone who’s had run ins with spider mites know that they can be very difficult get rid of, (the have a well earned nickname – “the borg”).  However, if you plant chives and other onion like plants with your cannabis grow, they can help prevent spider mites infestation before it begins to happen.

There are two easy ways you can use chives.  Plant seeds or perennial plants at the beginning every summer in your grow container.  Chives Are perennials which means they come back every year so you can transplant them in your containers or grow them separately around your plants.

Chive seeds are inexpensive and will emerge in a week or 2 and need plenty of sunlight.  Chives don’t need much in the way of nutrients, so they don’t take much away from your grow.

Also, there are other plants besides chives that are good at keeping spider mites away.  You can also try planting different varieties of mint, dill, coriander, which is known as cilantro basil, and even marigolds.

Growing cannabis can be a time consuming and expensive effort! With more and more concentration on organic growing and producing really good buds that aren’t tainted with pesticides or soaps companion planting with chives and another onion like plants to help keep a lid on spider mites.

Photo by David Greenwood-Haigh on Unsplash

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