Chew on this: Indiva deal brings U.S. pot gummies, 20+ jobs to London plant

A London pot producer has teamed up with the maker of Colorado’s top-selling cannabis-infused candies to bring its product to Canada.

Indiva struck a deal with Wana Brands to make and distribute the Boulder, Colo.-based company’s gummies, the companies said Tuesday.

The gummies will be made at Indiva’s south London facility, creating “a few dozen” new jobs, chief executive Niel Marotta said.

“It will definitely add a nice revenue stream to the company and keep us hiring while everybody else is firing,” said Marotta, referring to recent layoffs plaguing Canada’s cannabis industry.

More than 20 employees will be hired to staff the new production line at the Hargrieve Road plant, where Indiva also makes its Bhang chocolate bars, Marotta said.

“We’re proud to make these products in London.” he said.

By: DALE CARRUTHERS London Free Press
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