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Is the new “Dry January” a high January?

“If you’re drinking [a cannabis beer], you’re going to be more accepted as one of the people partying,” says one teetotaler When William Wilson goes to a bar these days, he steels himself for the stigma and social pressures he nearly always faces when he orders a Coke instead of …

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Does marijuana actually ruin your memory?

In the short term, marijuana hinders your learning ability, but doesn’t seem to cause long-term impairment Marijuana makes you dumb. At least according to the tired trope surrounding its use. Back in the day, stoners were considered slackers and anyone who smoked weed was on a one-way ticket to Loserville. …

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Pest problems grow with Canadian cannabis industry!

Scientists are in a battle to learn what kinds of pests and diseases pose a risk to cannabis and how to beat them. Amanda Brown’s job requires a knowledge of both biology and battle strategy. As a biological crop protection specialist, she sends “armies” of beneficial insects in search of …

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5 cannabis strains to be excited about in 2020

Each year we try to get ahead of the cannabis curve by predicting which strains are going to reach superstar status. We consider cannabis cup winners, keep tabs on famous breeder instagrams, and overall, keep a finger on the pulse of the industry. Now that the 2020 ball has dropped, …

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Legal pot takes a bite out of beer consumption in Canada

Smoke more, drink less. That appeared to be the trend among Canadians in the first full year of legal cannabis, when beer volumes fell by three per cent through November, according to data from Beer Canada. “This is far worse than the trends seen between 2014-2018, where beer industry volumes …

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Students binge drink less when cannabis is legal: study

Students are less likely to drink heavily in U.S. states that have legalized cannabis than in those that haven’t, a study shows. “The biggest takeaway from our paper is that problem binge drinking in college students who are 21 and over, changes after the implementation of recreational marijuana use,” says …

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