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The Best Weed Reads To Build Your Cannabis Library

As we mentally prepare for a full month of COVID-19 quarantine ahead, cannabis and books are two go-to saviors (best enjoyed together) from social media screen time and the barrage of bad news. Whether you’re an industry insider reeling from conference cancellations, an entrepreneur looking to get into the business, …

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Pot store to distribute free toilet paper

A local (Sudbury) retailer known for rolling papers and THC is now poised to hand out rolls of TP. Highlife manager Eugene Konarev said a big load of the coveted hygiene item is on its way to the Marcus Drive pot outlet and staff will distribute it gratis Wednesday to …

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7 Best Strains for Deeper Sleep

Sleep issues can be a real torture—when you experience a lack of rest your body and, more importantly, your mind is unable to function normally. This can have devastating effects on your general well being. Before we explain how cannabis can be beneficial for alleviating insomnia, we’ll discuss insomnia in …

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High THC cannabis strains for the experienced consumer

Just remember: THC isn’t everything! Tetrahydrocannabinol, better-known as THC, is one of the more understood psychoactive cannabinoids in cannabis because it’s what gives consumers that euphoric head high sensation. Cannabis strains high in THC are popular, particularly among the more experienced consumers since the effects are more powerful. While a …

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Four CBD products that can improve your sex life

CBD products can help people have better sex while also treating different sexual conditions. Here’s how: Marijuana has long been used to improve sex, with plenty of people swearing by the results. Studies now support these anecdotes, with THC helping people achieve more powerful orgasms and a more pleasant sexual …

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