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Cannabis Jobs In Canada: Who’s Hiring In March 2020

Need a job, or just a change of scenery? Check out these dozens of new opportunities in the Canadian cannabis industry. This month brings a wide variety of job opportunities in the Canadian cannabis industry, with positions in a range of locations and areas of expertise for those looking to …

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B.C. cannabis retailers can now take reservations online

A new policy directive from the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch will be welcome news for anyone who doesn’t want to linger inside a store waiting for their purchases. Under the revised policy released Friday, the LCRB has clarified that retailers can now take online or phone reservations for non-medical …

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Canada’s first cannabis ‘cigarette’ in production

After gaining attention when they announced their cigarette-style “pure cannabis sticks” Kelowna-Based THC BioMed has now started production. It will be the first filtered cigarette-style pre-roll available in Canada and aimed at being an alternative for smokers looking to quit. Intended for a single-use session, they include commercial-grade filters said …

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Eco-savvy cannabis growers embrace sun-grown weed

Regenerative no-till farming. Biodynamic farming. Permaculture. These Earth-saving farming techniques—once considered fringe agricultural movements for overly hopeful individuals, a.k.a. hippies—are now seeing a rapid rise in popularity. Not surprisingly, cannabis farmers are at the forefront of this “new” wave of eco-savvy farming, together with some of the world’s top coffee …

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