Cannabis Tourism: Exploring the World of Weed-Friendly Travel

This type of travel focuses on destinations that are friendly to cannabis consumption and offer a range of experiences related to the plant. From tours of cannabis farms and dispensaries to cooking classes and festivals, cannabis tourism has something for everyone.

What is “cannabis tourism” and where may one go? Let’s dive into the world of weed-friendly travel.

What is Cannabis Tourism?

Cannabis tourism includes tours of farms, dispensaries, and cannabis-themed events. Some destinations even offer cannabis-friendly accommodations, such as hotels or vacation rentals that allow smoking or vaping on their premises.

Where Can You Go for Cannabis Tourism?

Popular destinations include:

Amsterdam, Netherlands—Cannabis fans have long called Amsterdam home. The city has a liberal attitude towards cannabis and is home to many coffee shops that sell cannabis products. Amsterdam is also home to the Cannabis Cup, an annual festival that celebrates all things cannabis.

Colorado, USA – Denver When it came to recreational marijuana use, Denver was an early adopter.. Since then, it’s become a major destination for people looking to enjoy some cannabis-related activities, such as taking a tour, taking a culinary class, or staying at a hotel that welcomes pot travellers.

Portland, Oregon Not only does Portland have a strong craft beer and coffee business, but it also has a flourishing cannabis economy. The city has many dispensaries and cannabis-friendly events, such as the Oregon Cannabis Festival.

Barcelona, Spain – While cannabis is not technically legal in Spain, it is tolerated in private spaces. Barcelona is home to many cannabis clubs, which are private social clubs where members can consume cannabis. These clubs offer a unique experience for cannabis tourists looking to meet locals and experience the culture of the city.

Vancouver, Canada:  After cannabis was decriminalized in Canada in 2018, Vancouver has become a popular tourist destination for people looking to partake in the newfound freedom.. The city has many dispensaries and cannabis-friendly events, such as the 420 Vancouver festival.

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