Cannabis company working on fix to ‘skunk’ odour coming from greenhouses

A Charlottetown councillor says residents in his ward are complaining of an odour coming from a facility that grows cannabis in their neighbourhood.

Greg Rivard says he’s received about 15 complaints from residents in the northwest end of the city.

“I think with the nice weather starting, people are wanting to get their windows open and with that I think they’re noticing the odour more,” said Rivard.

“We’re having senior staff of the city look into possible solutions.”

The complaints started about six weeks ago, according to Rivard. The complaints are all from residents living within about 150 metres of the Figr greenhouses in the bioscience industrial park. The affected neighbourhoods include Hurry Road and the Sandalwood subdivision to the north of the plant, as well as homes in Orchard Park to the south, according to Rivard.

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By Brian Higgins · CBC News

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