Cannabis and Music

While there are quite a variety of effects related to the consumption of cannabis in its various forms, one of the most interesting and intimate is the way that it changes our perception of the arts, both visual and musical. The work of Jörg Fachner published by the American anthropological association suggests that, by using an EEG imaging machine, we can actually measure the influence of THC on the brains ability to process information, and the results suggest that THC “..seems to enhance acoustic perception temporarily.” In fact, his work has even suggested that not only is the way we hear music altered by cannabis but also the way we create it. He believes that his studies show that cannabis acts as a creative enhancer which alters what the mind perceives as possible in terms of the acoustic field. But you don’t need a scientist to tell us that, many famous musicians have both praised and built careers on the effect’s of cannabis.

Indeed, weed has a predominant role in popular music culture spanning beyond any single modern genre. Jazz, reggae, rock and roll, rap and beyond all have there own anthems and history which testify to the musical enhancing abilities of good ol THC. Luckily for the reader this is the kind of experience one can easily test for themselves either as a musician or a person who prefers to listen.

Funny enough, the music you prefer to listen too or play may correspond to the type of weed which will give you the best experience. If you prefer to listen to or play more upbeat, lively or cerebral music sativa might be the right weed for your musical exploration. If you are into something more calm, slow and relaxing an Indica might be the best choice for your creative endeavors or musical enjoyment.

Fachner, Jörg. “Jazz, improvisation and a social pharmacology of music.” Music Therapy Today 4.3 (2003): 1-26
Fachner, Jörg. “Jazz, improvisation and a social pharmacology of music.” Music Therapy Today 4.3 (2003): 1-26.

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